About Us -

Hi ! I'm Karen, a mom who ended up inventing a product due to a recurring vacation situation that was making me crazy.  Every summer we'd have another family join us at our beach house and would go out the first day and load up at the supermarket with food and drink for the week. The problem is that by noon of the second day we'd be out of the whole case of bottled water. Why ? Because everybody would take a bottle, drink a few slugs and put it down on the table or counter and walk away.  Then because they forgot which was theirs, they'd go back to the refrigerator for a fresh bottle. By the end of the eve we are filling the dog bowl, watering the plants and pouring the half full bottles down the drain.  

Enter Drink Duets  -  reusable tags which you slip over the neck of the water bottle.  They come in 12 different colors and can also be written on with a sharpie if having different colors isn't enough to differentiate.  
The result:  saving money on water, saving time and trips to the grocery store, and no more spreading of germs by accidentally sharing bottles. 
Order online here or at Bed Bath and Beyond.com 

Retail Locations


  • Raindew Family Centers
  • The Pear Tree, 7th Street, Garden City
  • Associated, Floral Park
  • The Craft Closet   (painted wine glasses vendor)
  • Bangles Bags and Bling, Cortland
  • Perfect Pharmacy, Hicksville
  • Gizmos and Gadgets


          House of Books, Kent


  • Wild Orchid Boutique, Rt.1 Rehobeth
  • G&E and Hockers, Ocean View and Clarksville
  • Pottery Place, Fenwick Island
  • Sea Level Designs, So.Bethany
  • Lewes Gourmet, Lewes,  (Also carrying GLASS SKIRTS)
  • Cape Wine and LIquors
  • PIzzadili Winery
  • N.E. Time Designs,  St. MIchaels
    • Hoys 5&10 (coming this summer!)
    • Valley Hosp. Gift Shop
    • Forbes Candies, Outer Banks
    • Ottawa - Sheraton Hotel, Gift shop
    • Gift Shop
    Email us at karen@drinkduets.com if you have a question or would like to become one of our Retailers

    Contact us regarding Custom artwork and handmade pillows by Karen and Ro,  designed or hand stenciled on removable covers! Email us if you have a special design request.