• Kelly's take on Duets!

    We are always trying to figure out who has what bottle here, and half the time we just throw them out and that waste a lot of water. And we already go through so many as it is with 7 people.
    Many people serve bottles of water at their parties to make things easier. How many times have you set your bottled water down after a few sips and then forget which bottle is yours? I know we do when we have a party because we barely drink soda here. And when we have a lot of people here we tend to lose track of our bottles.
    When I was asked to do a review for the drink duets I thought it was so perfect, now there will be less bottles thrown away and that will save us some money.
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    Drink Duets are fun and functional bottle tags that you slip over the next of a bottled drink. They are colorful and reusable and come in 12 different colors to help guests know which drink is theirs.
    The Drink Duets are awesome for all kinds of events like parties, trips to the beach and kid’s sport events. These are really awesome way for you and your guests to keep track of anything your drinking. and the best part your quests can have a great time making the tag their own, can you imagine the designs they will come up with.
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    Drink Duets also sells Glass Skirts for the wine glasses. It has the same soft feeling as the water bottle tags but is a spiral that goes around the bottom of the glass. It’s perfect for parties. We know the next party we have will have some of these for sure.
    Customized printing on the tags is also available. Perfect for Birthday, Anniversary, Destination Wedding Goodie Bags and Corporate or Promotional Events. These make the cutest presents.
     fa5d0632bb11fe6bbd4be86beab42610ec9a7c7d 300x200 Drink Duets Bottle Tags
    Our mission is to bring CHEER- whether it be for your everyday life or when you are hosting a casual get together. Our products are Festive and Functional. Check them out and spread some CHEER!
    With my family these would be a hit at any party, they would be able to keep track of their beer and wine. I recommend these .


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