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    Drink Duets- Great for Parties or just everyday!

    Drink Duets is one of those "Why Didn't I think of that" inventions! I have come to find that those are generally the most practical items. They are the ones I ultimately use the most. Being a Mom of 4 I have often found myself checking drinks to try to figure out which one belongs to who. Worse yet most of the times that I am trying to figure out which drink belongs to who I can not and they end up going down the drain. It is truly wasteful and it really bugs me! Drink Duets to the rescue!!!!

    Now I can store their drinks in the fridge and not have to worry about moving them for fear no-one will be able to tell which one belongs to them if it is not in the exact location they left it! I love it! Not to mention there is a fun factor. You could use these as an activity at a kids party. Just get some colored sharpies and stickers and let the little party guests decorate until their hearts content!

    (Don't mind the slightly swollen, black eye. His older brother may or may not have punched him. :/ )
    I have to admit that so far I have only used these in the most practical way. I had planned to have a big 
     Bar-B-que once we got all settled into the new place. I planned on using these then. However, life has been busy, busy and we have not been able to get it together just yet. I do believe that this would be fantastic at any party for kids or adults. 
    You could use them to mark each person's place setting at the table. You could decorate them to match your theme also. They are incredibly versatile!
    They also sent me the wine glass/ champagne glass version. I haven't used this one yet but it is super cute!
    The price point on these is very good as well! For $4.50 you get 12 tags! They have also been kind enough to offer all of my readers an additional pack with each purchase! Just use code MCL.
    You can get yours at ! 
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